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We've Probably Seen The Last Of Brandon Roy

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After playing just five games in his comeback season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Brandon Roy is scheduled to have yet another knee surgery. The seventh of his career. The Oregonian is reporting that Roy is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee later this week.

The arthroscopy will be the seventh of his career, dating back to high school, and the fifth since he has been a professional. It is unknown how long Roy will be sidelined.

We were excited when Roy announced his comeback, and hopeful that some of his old magic would remain. But even when he did manage to get on the court this year, things just weren't the same. In five games with the Timberwolves he averaged 24 minutes per game (not bad) but shot just 31 percent from the floor (not good), scoring a total of 29 points.


He was undone by banging his knee into another player at practice. Despite receiving the ever-popular platelet-rich plasma therapy on his knees prior to the season, it looks like there is just no fixing them at this point. Roy seems to be at peace with that fact:

"I wouldn't be disappointed either way,'' Roy said. "If it ends in three weeks, it ends. It's over. I'm totally satisfied with what I've done. I know the sacrifice and the effort that I put into coming back. It took a lot of discipline to get to where I am, That's all I care about: how hard I've worked.''

That doesn't sound like a guy who sees himself staying in the league too much longer.

We hope the fact that Brandon Roy's knees are so shitty won't eventually overshadow the fact that Brandon Roy's game was, at one point, really fucking great.



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