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What Bloggers Are Saying About NLCS Game 1

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Here are 11 links to what guys and gals with keyboards are saying about NLCS Game 1.

• Early Morning NLCS Game 1/Roster Discussion Thread [McCovey Chronicles]

• Today, I sat down and asked Bill Baer, a fellow SweetSpotter and author of Crashburn Alley, a few questions about the Phillies. ... Does Jayson Werth's beard really house an entire family of chipmunks? [Bay City Ball]


• Apparently, the Giants brain trust is actually exhibiting something resembling sanity. I just saw that the Giants were gonna swap Cain and Sanchez, allowing Cain to start Game Three (on I'm guessing four days rest?) at home, and having Sanchez pitch on his normal rest? [Only Baseball Matters]

• Anybody remember that lovely blister issue Tim Lincecum dealt with earlier in the season? Well, it's back. It's like the baseball version of herpes. [Frisco Fastball]

• Comparisons between the combatants in the 2010 National League Championship Series involve a universe of obvious differences, vague intangibles, subtle nuances, insider knowledge, and man/woman on the street opinions. [The Giants Cove]

• Why the Giants are awesome and can beat the Phillies [McCovey Chronicles]

• How A Hostile Citizens Bank Park Crowd Can Affect Opposing Players [The 700 Level]


• Videos from Phillies Media Day at the NLCS [PhilliesNation]

• If you really want to nitpick the other side, it does appear that two of their starters benefited quite a bit from luck-based stats this year - Jonathan Sanchez with a low BABIP and Matt Cain with a low HR/FB rate. [The Good Phight]


• Phillies Offense Needs To Shine Against Giants In NLCS [Fightin Phillies]

• Now that Shane [Victorino] is breaking up street fights, he plans to cure cancer after the playoffs. And next time you think of partaking street fight, know that #8 is watching. [Crossing Broad]

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