What Can Manny Do To Put You In A New Car Today?

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So you couldn't get the cash together to make a competitive bid on Manny Ramirez's backyard grill? Here's a chance to redeem yourself to friends and loved ones. Now you can buy Manny's car on e-Bay. And this is one sweet, pimped out ride!

Manny's tricked-out 2006 Crysler 300M, SRT8 with a 6.1 liter hemi, will be going, going, gone to the highest bidder. "It's a fun car," said West Roxbury Motors' Jerry Nasif, who is handling the sale of the car for Manny. "It has a lot of custom features, 22-inch wheels, chrome, a custom grill. It was Manny's personal drive."

The only problem is that the talking GPS system rarely makes sense, and the car tends to stop at the first light it comes to and ask for directions.


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