Katie Nolan went on Viceland’s Desus & Mero earlier this week, offering some thoughts on her new gig at ESPN and Donald Trump. Here’s a brief clip of her discussing the latter, with the first phrase that she uses to describe the president bleeped out by the show:

While the words are bleeped, Nolan’s lip movement isn’t blurred out, and the first word she says looks very much like “fucking.” Now, the show doesn’t always bleep out fuck or its variants—there was an unbleeped “fucking hell” from Nolan immediately before the above clip begins—so using “fucking” alone wouldn’t have necessarily been enough to earn the censorship here. And Nolan pretty clearly revises it to “fucking stupid person” after telling herself to “back it up,” so it doesn’t seem like “fucking” was the part that needed to be bleeped or reined in. It seems like it was the second word she said. So what exactly did she say?