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Tiger Woods is the favorite to win next month’s Masters, both from a gambling standpoint and a sentimental one. He hasn’t won a tournament in five years. He hasn’t won a major in 10. He’s attempting to come back not merely from personal disgrace, but also from a series of crippling back injuries and an even scarier addiction to prescription painkillers. His presence on the leaderboard at the past two tournaments has more than doubled ratings. Everyone is gonna be rooting for this guy. Ahhhhh, but SHOULD they be? Did Tiger ever really stop being a rude bastard? Does it matter? Folks, that is the subject of this week’s DEADCAST.

But there’s more! [Greek voice] Always, there is more. Roth and I also talk about city snow, and we answer your deepest Funbag questions about desert island media, the Browns, straws, and Trump’s hog. Important shit!


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