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Screenshot: @LkdFlyingTigers

Okay, yes, I know the answer to the question posed in this headline, but I’m not going to tell you what it is until you watch this clip from a minor-league baseball game and formulate your own theory:


So what the hell happened out there? Did the right fielder have a heart attack? Did the ball fall into a sinkhole? Did a seagull come down and try to make off with the damn thing?

Okay, fine, here’s the relatively boring answer:

In the second inning, right fielder Reece Hampton’s bunt single turned into quite the surprise.

Hampton’s bunt was fielded by Jupiter catcher BJ Lopez, who then threw the ball down the right-field line.

The ball reached the right-field wall, glanced off a portion of the wall past right fielder JJ Bleday.

Hampton then rounded third and slid home safely, for the infield single and three-base error, providing Lakeland an early 1-0 lead.

Hmmm. Or maybe that’s just what they want you to believe.

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