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What Do You Want to Bet He Climbed Down the Ladder First?


Just going to let the text speak for itself on this one. "Perched on the rafters of the Georgia Dome, ready to drop parachuting stuffed cows, Maggie Smyth's heart was racing." How to meet a wife, after the jump.

America's hottest Singles Partay is the "Aerial Assault Team" at the Chick Fil-A Bowl, into which 50 motley brave souls are conscripted and "charged with releasing 3,000 miniature Chick Fil-A plush cows" at the start of the game. It's where, shivering and trembling like so many Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestants seeking attention, Maggie Smyth met Steven Hammond.


They were destined for each other, as it turned out, according to this questionable bit of product placement perpetrated by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Helena Oliviero:

When they dined at a Chick Fil-A very early into their courtship, they also learned they had something else in common. They always order the same thing: a No. 1 combo (chicken sandwich, waffle fries, Coke), no pickles.

What is this, Jon and Kate Plus 8? Get that shit out of my love story.

Anyway, I can only hope and pray that one day I find myself in a union so blissful that it inspires a journalist to put fingers to keyboard and come up with this: "Watching the cows drop will bring them back to where it all started."


The couple plans to watch the Chick Fil-A Bowl from home this New Year's Eve.

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