Where do Idiots on the Field go after they're caught? What happens to them? Extra Mustard spoke to a few of them and asked why they did it, and how they're doing now.

The Hill sisters—Kayleigh, Torrie, and Emily—gave us one of the greatest GIFs ever—as they sprinted across TD Ameritrade Park during this year's College World Series. One sister actually later connected with the security guard who wrangled her:

Emily Hill: Soon after that night, I tweeted about the security guard who grabbed me, something like, “I hope he follows me”. He did, and then he DM’d me, and we actually talked for a little while. Then, later on I ended up being a match with the Mississippi State pitcher on Tinder, and so he messaged me and he was like, “You ran the field right before I was about to pitch. Nice.”

Yannis Carayannopoulos, the kid who jumped on the field at Rogers Centre during a Red Sox-Blue Jays game in a Speedo with "YOLO" plastered across his chest, got some respect from Drake and other unlikely sources for his stunt:

Carayannopoulos: My parents were furious. I was grounded for a decent amount of time, and they told me I had to fix any resulting messes on my own. But at school the next day, I got a standing ovation in my homeroom class. And then when I walked into the cafeteria at lunch, I got another standing ovation. I even got called down into my vice principal’s office and was congratulated.

Mark Harvey, the Batman-themed streaker from a 2012 Orioles game—whose act led to the "Idiot on the Field" term being coined—was also interviewed, along with a few more subjects. The whole thing's worth reading.


[Extra Mustard]