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What Is Going On Here? [Update]

The photo caption merely reads, "Volunteers push Switzerland goaltender Florence Schelling in a trolley as she leaves the Shayba Arena following a practice session." That explains nothing!

Why didn't she change at the arena? Her teammate in the back is still on skates—is there no locker room? Why wouldn't she at least take off her pads and helmet? Are they going to continue practice at a second nearby arena? Is that a luggage trolley, or a specially designed dog-proof cage to defend against strays? Why are these Olympics already so zany?


We have no answers. We are adrift, like a goalie wheeled across an open plaza. (Old Russian saying.)

Update: An answer! There are no dressing rooms at the practice rink, so teams must walk (or be wheeled) back and forth from their dressing rooms at the two arenas. Things will be fine once the games begin, as there are enough dressing rooms for each men's and women's team to have their own dedicated room.

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