What Not To Do With A Golf Cart

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An absolutely bizarre story from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, and proof that you should always be careful with your golf carts.

Apparently a ballpark worker, while goofing around waiting for an elevator door to open, kept bumping the closed door with the golf cart he was driving. The door opened ... and down the 30-foot shaft he went. He landed on top of an elevator car ... which held the guy's brother.

"A person up on the upper level in a four-wheel cart like a gator cart, somehow drove into the elevator to go down, went through the gate and landed on top of the elevator," Phillies Public Relation Larry Shenk said.

"The door's approximately seven-foot wide and the cart was big enough to hit it and somehow open the door and the cart went through," L&I Dep. Commissioner Dominic Verdi said.


The golf cart guy is currently in critical condition, while his brother is "stable," or as "stable" as one can be when their brother falls on them in a golf cart. So remember this the next time you're banging an elevator door with a golf cart, OK?

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