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What Should We Call Draymond Green's Perfect Triple-Doubles?

The triple-double has always been more of a fun box-score artifact than a meaningful statistic, but Draymond Green has been gilding lilies that deserve special recognition.

Green put together his ninth triple-double of the year against the Knicks last night, and this one was particularly impressive. He finished with a clean 20-10-10 in the box score, all while going 9-of-9 from the floor. He did a similar thing against Phoenix on Nov. 27, finishing the game with a 14-10-10 trip-dub while shooting 4-of-4 from the field. This puts Green in some rare territory:


Bo Outlaw! Who would have guessed? It’s not at all surprising to see Wilt’s name pop up here, but Green pulling this off twice in one season as a point-forward is even more impressive than Wilt doing it three times in a career as the biggest, most dominant player in the league. This is officially Draymond Green’s stat, as far as I’m concerned, and so what it needs now is a decent name.

We could just call it The Draymond, but that seems kind of boring. Calling it a perfect game seems like a bit much, but we could borrow another phrase from baseball and call it the cycle. Draymond Green dominated the Knicks last night, finishing with a 20-10-10 cycle. Sounds okay, right? Other suggestions are welcome.

Photo via AP

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