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The Eighth Wonder of the World hasn't been used since the rodeo moved next door to Reliant Stadium in 2003. There are fanciful plans for the Astrodome, still preserved in time and set up for a football game of a team that doesn't exist—luxury hotel, movie studio, etc. But for now it's still just a storage shed and a death trap.

The Astrodome was declared off-limits in 2008, after numerous code violations. Yesterday, Reliant took media on a guided tour of the place, probably as an attempt to announce to the world (and potential buyers) that, hey, this landmark is still here, still largely intact. Houston Press went along for the tour, highly controlled because there's crumbling concrete and rusted metal everywhere, and came back with a huge gallery of photos of the old place.


Photos by Brittanie Shey and Craig Hlavaty for Houston Press
Digging Around The All-But-Abandoned Astrodome [Houston Press]

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