What the bloggers are saying about the latest victory by the Boston Red Sox from all corners of the internets....
Out Come the Brooms. Watching the three Division Series sweeps and the one League Championship Series sweep this year, that nauseous, bilious feeling in my throat reminded me of 2004, that helpless, sinking realization that you're going to watch four baseball games in which literally nothing goes right. When your team is swept, you have nothing to cheer for; you spend each game doubled over, afraid to look, waiting for the next anvil to fall on you. You feel doomed, and somewhat duped that you ever hoped it could have turned out differently. It's the worst possible way to end a baseball season. [Fair and Foul]

Goat of the Day: Josh Fogg. Enter tonight. Faced with the biggest start of his career, Fogg was tracked with keeping the Red Sox mighty lineup in check in the thin air of Coors Field on a cold night. It wouldn't be an enviable task for anyone. Still, Fogg's job was to keep the game close and he gave up six runs in the third inning tonight. That's not keeping things close and that's a recipe for disaster in Game 3 of the World Series when you're facing an 0-2 deficit. [FanHouse]

Not Getting Ahead of Ourselves. We were up big early then they come back hard, but that showed the resiliency of this team. Those guys come back and score some runs, but we came back with some of our own and showed that we'd do what we needed to do. We did a good job tonight of playing the game the right way. [Yoooooouuuuuukkkkkkk]

Who Died and Made You Jacoby Ellsbury? For the second time in four seasons, we're on the precipice. And while there's a part of me that would love to see this come back to Boston, to see the final out recorded on that rich Fenway green, I know that the Gods of Baseball (a division of Gammons, Inc.) have Jon Lester starting tonight's game for a reason. Because there's no better way to see the season end than with a Lester win in the deciding game of the World Series. [Surviving Grady]