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What The Fresh Hell Is This Rob Gronkowski Video?

Gregarious tricep Rob Gronkowski did an interview with DuJourwe have no idea what it is, but it claims to be “Where Luxury Lives”—and while the written profile doesn’t cover much new ground outside of Gronk’s drinking preferences, which we’ll get to later, the video accompanying the article is quite ridiculous.

There’s footage of Gronk posing, running on the beach with a posse, and pretending to read:


He also dressed up as a gladiator. Why? Just go with it:

Gronk conducted part of the actual interview shirtless while holding a golden retriever puppy:


Here’s the full video. It’s quite an experience:


As for Gronk’s poison of choice? It comes up when the Patriot tastes wine at a restaurant:

“My drink is usually vodka with water because it gets you hydrated and drunk at the same time,” he explains after the sommelier has departed. “I never drink wine. There’s only one wine I like, but I forget what it’s called. It tastes like Sprite.”


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