What The Heck Is Going On With Chris Ivory?

Jaguars running back Chris Ivory missed last week’s game against the Packers after being hospitalized early Sunday morning with what the team described as a “general medical issue.” Ivory was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and he will now miss this weekend’s game against the Chargers due to the same mysterious issue.


Both the team and Ivory have been mum on what exactly is ailing the running back, although Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley did tell reporters that Ivory did not undergo any kind of surgery while in the hospital, and he was reportedly “in pain.” This brief statement is all Ivory has had to say about the situation:

So what the hell is going on? A two-day hospital stay but no surgery, and bad enough to keep Ivory out of a game a week later. Based on how the Jags have been handling this, we’re unlikely to find out Ivory’s condition without someone leaking information—and everyone’s a little gun-shy about that these days.