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What The Hell Did Crazy Dennis Rodman Say In The Bleeped-Out Portion Of This Interview That So Terrified The Interviewer?

Dennis Rodman was on Yahoo's In Depth with Graham Bensinger recently to touch on a few issues. Issues like, how is he still alive at 50 years old? (No one knows.) Is he still batshit? (Yes, definitely.) And is he still partying his giant nose ring off? (See below.)

Bensinger's show is worth a watch for more Rodman fun, but the clip we've pulled for you here is the highlight of the episode. Our brave host's first question—"What's life like for you today?"—prompts Rodman to say something about "last night," when he "saw my friend [BLEEP] some girl last night with [BLEEEEEEP] bedroom." The camera then cuts to Bensinger, who is blinking, confused and terrified, as Rodman keels over in laughter. It almost looks staged, it's so perfect. Thank you, Yahoo video editor, for including that spectacular cut.


And yes, for the official record, Dennis Rodman is still bleeping partying.

But we're still wondering: What could have caused Bensinger's terror? What did Rodman see that night? Do we really want to know the answer? Please share your guesses in the comments.

Dennis Rodman: I'm still partying hard at age 50 [Yahoo]

H/T Grant.


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