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What The Hell Does "Linsurgery" Even Mean?

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Do not ask for whom the bell tolls Knicks fans, it tolls for thee's playoff hopes. This little Cinderella story has finally come around to the part everyone always forgets: when Cinderella misses the remainder of the regular season with a "small, chronic meniscus tear" that requires surgery and a six week recovery period.


Lin is pretty torn up about the whole thing, noting he can't make cuts, jump or do much of anything else—so he opted to get it fixed quickly, betting on his body to heal quickly. Interim coach Mike Woodson, however is clearly pissed and comes just shy of flat out calling Lin a sissy.

Woodson said he's known of players that have played through meniscus tears, but that only Lin knows his body. Lin knew he would need surgery eventually, but hoped to delay it until after the season.

"He's elected to have the surgery and we've got to respect that, because only he knows the pain that he's feeling. And there is a problem, so it's got to be fixed," Woodson said.

Lin was always D'antoni's guy, with Woodson wanting to return the team to its stars, but the real story here is what the hell does "Lin-surgery" mean? "Insanity" is a real word. it is used to describe the state of being seriously mentally ill or extreme foolishness or irrationality. When mashed up with "Lin" it created a user-friendly way to describe the seriously mentally ill or extremely foolish and irrational reaction to his meteoric rise to stardom (see how burdensome that was?). It made sense. "Insurgery" is not a word. Jamming it together with "Lin" does not change its non-word status. It does not make sense.

Sad to say, but Linsanity has probably jumped the shark. You know, if it didn't have a torn meniscus.

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