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What The Hell Is Going On With Donovan McNabb's Mug Shot? [Update]

The Maricopa County (Ariz.) sheriff's office today released this mug shot of former NFL player Donovan McNabb...and absolutely zero details. Which is a pretty fucking weird thing to do, even in the land of Joe Arapaio.

Here's what we do know, from poking through the records at the West Mesa Justice Court: McNabb received a criminal traffic citation on Jan. 6, and had his arraignment on Feb. 11. His trial date is set for May 16.


Why the MCSO would be releasing a mug shot now, then going silent, from a booking more than three months ago is anybody's guess.

Update, 4:13 EDT: TMZ says it's a DUI. Still no official word from the Maricopa sheriff's office.

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