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What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today

As the league's investigation rolls on, it's time for the media to hammer all the angles and the pundits to weigh in. Whose coverage hits it on the head, and whose comes up short?

Favre says he'd be willing to sit if his elbow tendinitis gets worse. That looks a heck of a lot better in the history books than DNP: Cock shots.


•You know who has no sympathy whatsoever for Jenn Sterger? Mike Ditka. You know who's probably sent some Archer Heights schoolmarm a photo of his FUPA? Mike Ditka.

Charles Barkley says the media's trying to make this a story when it's just "between [Brett], the girl and his wife." That's sexual harassment, Charles, and that's turrible.


•Okay, it made The Colbert Report. It's officially news.


Monday Night Football had a big ratings spike, though it didn't set any records. I guess Favre doesn't have anything to show the world that we haven't already seen.

•Favre's sponsors say they're closely watching the NFL's investigation. Fun fact I did not know: Brett Favre is the spokesman for a gun company!


Meanwhile in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald stuck the story on the front page of their sports section. Gosh, it's about time.

•Everything's coming up Sterger! Jenn will have a cameo role in the (possibly direct-to-DVD) movie Don't Fade Away, "starring" Mischa Barton, Ja Rule, Ryan Kwanten and Beau Bridges.


•In case you missed it, Letterman's Top Ten List was all Favre.

"Football in the Groin" had a football in the groin!

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