What Was John Harbaugh Ranting About During The Blackout? We Asked A Lip Reader

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One of the highlights of last night's Super Bowl broadcast was watching John Harbaugh berate a poor old man during the 34-minute power outage. We don't know who the old guy was (Update: He is the NFL's vice president of game operations, Mike Kensil), but we assume he was some kind of stadium official. Like the rest of America, we were curious what Harbaugh was so upset about. So we turned to our lip-reading friend Evan Brunell, baseball blogger and president of the Massachusetts chapter of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Watch the video above. Evan's transcription is below.


[Man in gray suit gives some sort of explanation.]

Harbaugh: You want me to, you want me to keep my coordinator down here and then go back up?


Gray Suit: [response]

Harbaugh: Come on, that's just bullshit, once again. But once again, you just fucking switch again. You fucking switch again, even though the answer's all week. Thats's, that's illegal.

ONCE AGAIN, YOU FUCKING [unintelligible].

Once again.


Let me tell you, my coordinator's been out of position for a half-hour. Give me time to get my coordinator down here so I can call plays! Come on.


Gray suit: [response]

Harbaugh: Yeah, you go and [obstructed]. Every time I ask you for something you say, "Go screw yourself," just like always.


[walks away]

Gray suit: I've never said that.

[obscured for a bit, then around 0:46 ...]

Harbaugh: All I know is that if my [not sure what he says, but he's obviously referring to the coordinator] has to come down here, then they—they should be down here [motions toward the opposite sideline].


Gray suit: [response]

Harbaugh: You're not telling me shit.

Evan Brunell is a freelance baseball journalist who has operated Fire Brand, a Red Sox blog, since 2003. He has written for NESN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and ESPN.