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The place is Sunnyvale, Calif., where the visiting team, Atherton's Sacred Heart Prep, has just kicked what appears to be the winning field goal against The King's Academy in an important high school football game between the two Christian schools. But the official rules it no good, and King's wins, 29-28. But wait! Several fans had videotaped the kick, and it turns out that it was indeed good — the official had been chatting on the sideline and wasn't in position when the ball went through. With a playoff berth hanging in the balance, all are now wondering what to do.

Unfortunately, the scriptures do not address this specifically. The closest we have is in Timothy 1, Chapter 4, Verse 13, which reads: Till I come, all field goals attempted and missed from beyond the 20-yard line will result in the defensive team taking possession of the ball at the spot of the kick..


So it is left to team officials themselves to look into their hearts and divine the right solution. And thankfully these are Christian schools, where this should be no problem. Sacred Heart assistant coach Matt Moran: "These are faith-based schools. (King's Academy) should do the right thing (and forfeit)." King's Academy principal Bob Kellogg: ``We refuse to take anything away from our kids. They deserved to win this game."

What would Christ advise, had He been at the game? Answer: No way Jesus is at a high school football game in California with the Thrashers playing at the Capitals that same night.

Two Christian Schools In A Schism Over Kick [San Jose Mercury News]

(UPDATE: Here's video of the play in question.)

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