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So, here's pretty much what you've missed in the Roger Clemens testimony so far:

• Clemens said the conversation in which Andy Pettitte claims Clemens admitted to steroid use was actually about "a TV show in which three older people said they'd used HGH and improved their quality of life." Oh, so like Cocoon?

• Rep. Elijah Cummings pretty much accusing Clemens of lying about everything.

• Clemens claiming his wife did HGH (for her SI photo shoot), but not him. Which is nice, and should go over well.


• Brian McNamee looks a lot like Zelig.

• Clemens is very angry. Grrr. Roger smash.

(UPDATE: Nothing will ever beat this:

Congressman: "Mr. Clemens, do you recall bleeding through your pants in 2001?"

Clemens: "I do not."

Well, that's a relief.)

Here's some video, if you want it:


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