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What's Going On With Chip Kelly And The Eagles? [Update]

Illustration for article titled Whats Going On With Chip Kelly And The Eagles? [Update]

It's been a fairly quiet season for the Eagles, but with this week's firing of vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble, and rumors of tension between head coach Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman, something very big is going to happen soon. Maybe. If you believe Twitter.


We've heard whispers of a power struggle between Kelly and Roseman, so there's probably not nothing here. It's also not crazy to interpret Gamble's firing as a power move by Roseman—presumably with the imprimatur of owner Jeffrey Lurie. So, that's your background for today's madness.

Earlier this afternoon, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio tweeted something exceedingly vague:


About half an hour later, this guy tweeted Kelly was trying to get out of Philly:

Who is Darren DeGaetano? He was a producer at local sports radio station WIP...until 2006. Now he writes for a sports website no one's heard of.


A few minutes later, a Bleacher Report writer picked it up and said, "It's happening." How does he know that, exactly? Unclear!


Nothing is happening yet. But maybe something will! Everyone's panicking as if it has. Mike Florio has taken the fact that the Eagles haven't publicly commented on what Some Guys On The Internet are saying as a sign that things are even worse than anyone could have imagined.

Update (6:45 p.m.): Everything's fine! Kelly and Roseman both get promotions and stay in Philly:

Howie Roseman will be elevated to the role of Executive Vice President of Football Operations and will continue directing contract negotiations, salary cap management and NFL strategic matters, while overseeing the team's medical staff, equipment staff and more.

Head coach Chip Kelly will now oversee the player personnel department. He will also lead efforts to hire a new personnel executive – a process that will begin immediately.


Photo: AP

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