What's Half A Year's Salary For An Image That Lasts A Lifetime?

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Say what you will about the supposed coarseness of new media and today's supposed graceless sports culture, but at least we didn't go in and start snapping nude photos of future legends. That's Willie Mays. Almost nude. And it will cost you only 25 grand to see the real Say Hey junk.

The eBay auction to see Willie Mays' 1963-era penis has no bids yet. It does seem a bit pricey.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a professional vintage negative, with rights, featuring San Francisco Giants great Willie Mays NUDE from the waste down. That's right, Mays is pictured completely NUDE from the waste down. This is the first and only time a photo of Mays like this has been offered to collectors. This photo was taken before Mays received a shot from the team physician during the Giants spring training on February 25, 1963. This item has incredible resale value as you will receive the full copyright and ownership, giving you the right to reproduce this negative as you wish. Due to the nature of this image I have placed a Giants logo to cover Mays. The original negative is 100% authentic and has not been altered in any way. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Please view my other items for more amazing vintage sports memorabilia. Good luck bidding!


We suspect a 2008-era Willie Mays penis shot would go for considerably less. Though we bet Lupica bids on both.

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