Tiger Woods round-up...There are more allegations of Uchitelian proportions suggesting the other-other-other woman is has now denied all previous reports of her boinking Tiger. Gossip pages are thriving, but the rest of the golf media gets wistful.

• Golf Channel. com eulogizes with a sack of rocks: "There is grieving for the end of an era, the end of Tiger as heroic and untouchable. He's simply human now, like us. Most of us have a sack of rocks we carry around...There's anger in the grieving period, too, from people feeling deceived and disappointed." Aw, Dusty in here! [GolfChannel]

• The regal-sounding John Paul Newport feels like the media world is a dirty place to live and he doesn't like writing about this, not one bit, no, because he's a man ill-equipped to wallow in this filth with all of us or something but he has to so he writes things like this: "If Tiger Woods, by far the game's most influential figure, has been living a duplicitous life – on his own Web site he says "I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings" - golf and golf fans are better off knowing about it and in the long-run, the game will be healthier. The golf media alone, cowed by Woods's awesomeness as an athlete and his colossal role in selling the game, would probably never have unearthed what the gossip media has. The golf media never would have dared." [WSJ]

• Surprised that this is the first time this headline has been used: "Is Tiger Out Of The Woods?" Yes, but he's still in the rough. /rimshotfartnoisehornsounddeath