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What's Roy Hibbert's Impact On Defense?

Offensively, Roy Hibbert has been all over the place these playoffs. Well, "all over the place" isn't exactly right, he's paired a couple of good games with many terrible ones, adding his fourth zero-point outing in Monday's loss. But even at his offensive worst, it's important to remember that Hibbert is an outstanding interior defender who frees up his teammates to put pressure on the wings; Indiana's opponents are shooting just .339 from beyond the arc this postseason.

Does this make up for his scoring troubles? Well, no. But it counts for something! While it's difficult to separate a player's defensive impact from that of his teammates, Andrew Clemens has taken a shot with a new model, covered on Regressing earlier today. Hibbert's defensive "impact" chart is above, showing how opponent field goal percentage (square color) and shot selection (square size) is impacted by his presence. Below is the chart for Chris Bosh, who Clemens's model ID's as an unheralded defender.


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