What's The Deal With This Shifty Ohio State Fan?

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I find myself hypnotized by this seemingly innocuous crowd shot from last night's Sugar Bowl, in which the lady at the center of the frame silently comes to some sort of world-shattering realization. What's going on in this lady's head?!

The internet is full of theories about what's going on with this girl, but here are my theories:

  • That bro she's giving some gentle neck tickles to isn't her boyfriend, and she's realizing that she may have just been caught on national TV with her sidepiece (this is the most popular internet theory as well)
  • Her boyfriend and/or sidepiece just farted real nasty
  • She just remembered that she forgot to turn the coffee pot off
  • Her boyfriend and/or sidepiece has a really disgusting mole on the back of his neck that she sometimes forgets about, and when she absentmindedly touched it she was like, "Ah fuck, I touched his gross mole again!" in her head
  • She's really drunk and that guy is actually her cousin who she's always thought was kind of hot and it feels so wrong but also so right
  • She was trying to pickpocket the guy in the black sweatshirt
  • She just realized that she's not actually at the Sugar Bowl at all. She's dreaming.

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Update: The hangdog dude is her boyfriend, so that rules out about half our theories.