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The Maurice Clarett story, with its deep debts and Israel mobs and Grey Goose, has almost become too sad for us to take much joy in goofing on it anymore, though we're still always going to be a little tickled by the fact that he had a hatchet.

Anyway, Clarett was officially indicted yesterday; he's facing a rather whopping five charges, including carrying a concealed weapon — perhaps the hatchet. He will be arraigned on Monday, and one of the charges includes a mandatory one-year sentence. Meanwhile, his lawyers, forever on the ball, spent last week filing a failed brief asking for the court to pay for a public opinion poll about whether or not Clarett could receive a fair trial.


All told, though, a year in the pokey might not necessarily be the worst experience for Clarett, when you think about it. Should certainly help him get in shape, anyway.

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