The worst part of this brawl video between American Legion teams from Cherryville, NC and Douglasville, Ga.? You can see the Cherryville run scorer say something to the Douglasville catcher โ€” presumably something like "Cherryville rules!" โ€” but you can't really see the ball the catcher threw at the run scorer immediately thereafter hitting its target (0:18 in).

The best part? You can see the rest of the bench-clearing scrappin'. And the folksy commentary, of course.

Alas, as a result of said scrappin', national American Legion officials opted to remove both squads from play at the Sumter, S.C. tournament. But like the announcer gleefully points out, "We've got it on camera, though. Heh heh." Kudos.

Sidebar note: Sad-clown Jose Canseco's team got into a brawl, too.

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