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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It's time we all thought about it: What sort of frenzied, de Gaulle-returns-to-Paris scenario will erupt when Barbaro is finally released from the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center? Although his doctors will not be rushed into issuing a time frame for his withdrawal (hmm, that sounds familiar), "BBB's" recovery is such that it could be soon.

But the image of hundreds of crazed 57-year-old women in sequined Barbaro sweatshirts rushing the horse outside of the hospital and breaking his three good legs is too much for us to bear. And so we recommend Secret Service protection for America's "First Horse." But agents need to be aware of the following people, who should definitely be flagged:

• Barbaro, I'm patiently awaiting the 12-12-06 news update. Also comparing photos of you as you heal. Great job both to you and Dr. Richardson and congrats to him on the newest honor and award. I love you Barbaro. — Carole Parker, 63; Weirsdale, FL, United States of America


• Barbaro, I check on you several times a day on Tim Woolley website. My thoughts are with you every day of the week. Best to your caregivers, too. Your friend, — Louise Young, 59; Dallas, TX, USA

• Times Photo: Knew that you have it in you. You are the Greatest. Outside to graze with the Bluebirds and Sparrows, Cardinals. Rainbows Above.Angels.My Sentimental Friends.Love,Dee Mirich — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A.

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