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When Do Rookie QBs Get Their First Starts?

The Browns announced today that Brian Hoyer and not Johnny Manziel will be their starting quarterback in Week 1. There is no reason to panic!

There are lots of good reasons for Manziel to be sitting, even though he outplayed Hoyer. For one, it's been reported that Manziel is struggling with the playbook, which is totally natural for anyone making the leap to the pros. For another, Cleveland's first five games features the Ravens, Saints, and Steelers twice, but after that it's relatively smooth sailing. Yes, we all want to see Manziel take his licks, but the Browns have something here and would like very badly not to ruin it—so that means letting him watch, and learn, and gradually get up to speed.


The only thing that's for sure is that you can't predict Manziel's future by his Week 1, or even his first season. Earlier today Albert Breer sent out this chart, showing the list of every QB drafted in the first round over the last decade, and when they made their first NFL start. There are busts who handled the offense from day one, and future Hall of Famers who sat until it chafed.

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