Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The much-discussed Erin Andrews-Oprah Winfrey interview aired today and now that Oprah has done her Oprah thing the door is probably officially closed on this matter.

There was nothing too revelatory or emotional in the two brief segments—except when it turned out that the Andrews parents were in the audience. Nothing says good television like Oprah asking a dad about what happened when his daughter called to tell him she had been personally violated. (Geez. Did you really have to bring out the dad?)

She didn't talk about the investigation, but she believes it was probably a stalker. She's nervous about being alone in hotel rooms (of course), but going back to work was the best thing she could do. Oprah reminded everyone that it could happen to them and that was that. Erin wasn't even as hard on the media (and the blogs) as she probably could have been—although she's obviously not thrilled with any of us right now. But that's why we invented Oprah, isn't it?


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