Here we were thinking VCU fans were having "riots" last week, but they're nothing compared to Panathinaikos BC fans. In this European basketball game last Thursday against Barcelona, Greek basketball fans torched their own stadium. Yes, what you see above is a basketball game โ€” not a race riot.

True Hoop did a great story on European basketball, explaining that it is nothing like attending an NBA game:

It took one minute and fifty-five seconds for the first fan to throw something on the court, and the singing, hissing, booing and cheering never stopped. The fans even sang and screamed during their own teams' free throws.


Panathinaikos BC beat Barcelona 78-67 last Thursday. This video teaches us that we need to step up our game, America. If Clippers fans don't start a fire in the Staples Center next time Blake Griffin dunks, consider us a failure.