Looking for perfume for your sweetie for Christmas? Then you'll want to spring for the best, and what woman wouldn't want to go out on the town smelling like a Rose Bowl-eligible football team? Introducing Penn State fragrances for men and women. Ahh, smells like victory. Or Joe Patero's loafers.

Penn State for women is an elegant and timeless creation. Graceful and Pure — Inspired by the beauty of Old Main. The top notes glisten with an elegant sparkling cassis. The sensual middle notes consist of Moroccan rose and evening lilac. The fragrance concludes with a lovely oriental vanilla, amber and Tahitian tonka. A sheer, sparkling fragrance for the classic Penn State woman.

And now, the most horrifying sentence in the English language: Masik also has captured the smell of the University of North Carolina.

UNC for men is a light and crisp fragrance that embodies alluring Carolina Blue in a bottle. The fragrance opens with fresh Sicilian lemon and bergamot. The aromatics extend with lavender and the subtle spice of sensual white pepper. The base notes combine a soft white amber and tonka bean. An irresistible and fresh creation for the proud Carolina man.


I picture Masik "capturing" these fragrances in much the same way that they captured those green phantasms in Ghostbusters. And don't forget, coming soon: Colognes for LSU and Alabama!

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