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We'd like to congratulate THE Ohio State University for their convincing victory over Texas on Saturday night. We are also pleased that the Buckeyes waited until 2006 to beat the Longhorns, rather than 2005; last year's game was in Columbus, this one was in Austin and that meant all fires and rioting had to be done by remote.

Not that the Buckeyes faithful didn't try, burning various reclining devices like couches, mattresses and heiresses, and riling up a bit of the Columbus downtown area. But the real fun came from George Karadimas, who rammed his car into a police control post specifically set up to deal with rioters. A fire chief, OSU's assistant vice president for student affairs and her husband were injured when Karadimas made it past the checkpoints and hit the three peacekeepers.

Best part about this: Karadimas is a Ohio State cheerleader. Hey: Gotta support the team!

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