When Prank Wars Go Wrong (Update)

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Most of you remember College Humor's hilarious half-court shot prank at a Maryland game a couple years ago. FOX4KC reports one area high school attempted a recreation, but was ill-prepared for the one-in-a-million chance the prankee would actually make it.

According to the news station, the student body of Olathe Northwest high school tried to pull a similar prank on science teacher and girl's basketball coach Joel Branstrom. Instead of money, however, Branstrom's half-court shot would win him tickets to the Final Four. Just like the CH prank, there was no actual prize, but the student body was instructed to go crazy regardless if he made the shot or not. One problem...

Now the school is trying to figure out how to get him Final Four tickets and I'm still trying to figure out if this is some elaborate prank-within-a-prank. However FoxK4C said they talked to Branstrom for their 5 p.m. broadcast and assure me it's legit. We'll see.


UPDATE: "Mr. Branstrom" is former KU basketball player, Joel Branstrom.