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When The Floor Sinks, You've Made A Bad Purchase

We know that NBA players often move around a lot, but Allen Iverson just took it to an extreme: He bought a place in Atlanta and moved his whole family out in 60 days.

It turns out, the place was the ultimate money pit.

Pictures taken by experts hired by the NBA's four-time leading scorer show a series of horizontal and vertical cracks in brickwork on the outside of the house. Inside, the house has been plagued with settling as well as wide gaps in doorways, oak floorboards that have separated and floor-to-ceiling cracks in walls.

Experts hired by the Iversons reported that the trusses in the floor system at the center of the home weren't built to handle all the weight above, causing the house to sag dramatically.


Yeah, those saggy houses, they'll get ya. Iverson is now suing to get his money back. But all the weight above? How many people live in Iverson's house again?

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