When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear, But Baby Mangino, And Eight Tiny Reindeer

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A reader writes:

Last night, some friends and I decorated a dorm room Christmas tree/Hannukah bush/secular winter holiday shrubbery with homemade ornaments dedicated to some of our heroes. Because this is a University of Wisconsin dorm, we naturally included the likes of Barry Alvarez, UW hockey's goalie (and total boss-tycoon) Shane Connelly, and the finest mascot in sports, Buckingham Badger.


However I wanted to add my own touch to the tree by honoring one of my heroes of 2008: Bode "Baby Mangino" Lubber. After putting the image of future SHOTY 2008, and realizing none of my friends got the joke or read Deadspin, I decided to share some photos of our tree with people who would actually understand it [no viruses, I pinky promise].

Hope you guys enjoy them.

Nico Savidge

It'll be our merriest Christmas ever!