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When You Play South Alabama, You Better Bring A Monitor

Look....all South Alabama coach Ronnie Arrow wants is a replay review of the last-second shot that just sunk his team, and if he doesn't get it then he just might murder your face.

South Bama lost a game at Louisiana-Lafayette last month on a buzzer-beating prayer from nearly half court. Coach Arrow politely requested a replay review, as was his right, but soon discovered that the home team did not have a monitor set up courtside to handle such a request. So game over. He then became a little agitated. Then he lost his cool. Then he lost his shit. Then it got ugly.


To be fair to Arrow, pointing out that a school that aspires to call itself Division I should be equipped to handle such technological wizardry as "television" is a pretty astute observation. On the other hand ... you're in Louisiana. You're lucky the baskets had nets.

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