Philadelphia 94, Indiana 92 - Sixers guard Kareem Rush briefly matched up with his younger brother Brandon Rush last night (pictured) in Indiana. It was the first time two brothers played each other in an NBA game since the infamous 1965 game in which Wilt Chamberlain played his younger brother, Archibald Chamberlain. That day is infamous not because Wilt scored 89 points but more due to the child Wilt fathered with Archibald's wife immediately following the game.* *not, in fact, true After the first quarter ended last night and the Sixers found themselves with 13 points on the board to the Pacers 38, it looked like Mo Cheeks should spend half time working on his resume. The play of the Sixers in the second half leads you to believe Mo opted to preach some defense instead. It's not really a secret anymore but Thaddeus Young is going to be a baller in the NBA. ThadYo scored a career high 25 points and helped lead the Sixers come back from as many as 26 points down.

Detroit 106, Los Angeles 95 - Motor City had their way in Hollywood last night as Allen Iverson and the Pistons looked like a championship-caliber team, handing the Lakers their first loss of the season. From playing solid defense keeping Kobe Bryant in check to lights out shooting, the Pistons were simply on all night. Avery Johnson last night on SportsCenter said he believes this match up is likely a preview of this year's NBA Finals. Wonder what Boston has to say about that? Denver 94, Boston 85 - The Chauncey Billups trade seems to be working for everyone as the Nuggets hand the C's their first home loss of the season. NOLA 87, Portland 82 - Grandpa Oden reached double digits for the first time in his young NBA career. Despite nice bench contributions from Oden and everyone's favorite Spaniard, Rudy Fernandez, the Blazers couldn't hang with the Hornets. Chris Paul had a solid stat line of 17, 9, 6, and 4 in the win. Miami 97, Washington 77 - I find that any team from DC is fairly easy to dislike, especially when they're without Agent Zero. The Wade-Beasley duo led the way with 24 and 19, respectively. Full NBA Scoreboard for Friday