Where Did Those Crazy Lane Kiffin Rumors Come From?

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There are a great many unverified rumors in the sports world, but only college football has the unique blend of financial chicanery, lunatic fanbases, isolated campuses, and exploitation of minors that can cause Internet rumors to spring up seemingly out of nowhere. That was the case this week, when rumors about Alabama offensive coordinator and professional visor model Lane Kiffin exploded all over Twitter despite seemingly having no original online post of any kind as its source. The rumors, which I must reiterate are COMPLETELY UNVERIFIED, were as follows:

  • Kiffin was resigning
  • Kiffin slept with booster’s wife
  • Kiffin got into a fight with head coach and angry-man-in-the-wedding-reception-cocktail-line Nick Saban
  • Kiffin slept with Saban’s daughter

Given that we’re talking about Lane Kiffin, I believe all of these rumors, and will believe anything else anyone comes up with. But there’s nothing to back them up anywhere as of yet. So where did they come from? And how did they spread so quickly? That’s the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

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