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Where In NYC Is Ricky Williams?

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Somewhere in New York City right now, Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is in an office building, appealing his suspension for drug abuse. (Hey ... we're in New York! Is that Ricky over there?) Apparently, they moved the location of the hearing to avoid all the reporters camped out in front of the NFL offices, which pretty much proves that there is, indeed, a media offseason in the NFL.

We're not sure if Ricky's going to be reinstated or not, and we're also not sure if we really care all that much. Frankly, we think only Mike Wallace cares.


We find ourselves, however, somewhat curious as to what will come of Ricky if he ends up suspended for one more year. We cross our fingers that he finally admits that he doesn't really like football all that much and instead prefers, oh, marijuana. And then he sets up a shop in Times Square, sells beads and signs autographs. The guy would instantly become a public hero. Why isn't he doing this? Isn't he out from under debt yet? We have a feeling we will care about Ricky Williams a lot more when he's 50, than now. If he makes it that long.

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