Where Is Dee Mirich Now That We Need Her Most??

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We think we know why Barbaro has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. As anyone who is familiar with the Barbaro message board knows, Barbaro superfan Dee Mirich is a regular fixture; her fractured mini-essays on love, rainbows and various bird species popping up three, four, five times a day. They have been the glue that has held the board together (sorry). They are what has kept this horse on the mend.


And now she's gone missing. The person who holds the record for most Barbaro message board posts in the shortest time period — five in 18 minutes — has not been heard from in the past three days. Is it just a coincidence that in that time, Barbaro has suffered a relapse? No offense, but Jean Fluck of East Fallowfield Township, PA, while clearly insane, is no substitute.

• Please, please, please Barbaro! Please be well~I was so upset to read this update! You have always fought hard; continue to do what you do best! WE LOVE YOU~WE PRAY FOR YOU~TAKE CARE! — Jean Fluck, 36; East Fallowfield Township, PA, U.S. — posted on 2007-01-10 13:00:44


So in an attempt to redirect the karmic flow, we bring back some of the best of Dee Mirich.

• Times Photo: Knew that you have it in you. You are the Greatest. Outside to graze with the Bluebirds and Sparrows, Cardinals. Rainbows Above.Angels.My Sentimental Friends.Love,Dee Mirich — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A.


• Barbaro Beenie Baby: In our homes to love and care for. A Very Beautiful Christmas Present for All Wellwishers. Angel Barbaro's Special Shoe: Ruby Slippers. Affirmed. My Love, Dee Mirich. — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A.

• Angel Barbaro: Beautiful, Big Precious Baby Boy, Rainbows across the universe, Angels Around.Seen halo (1969)Only Horse In our Eyes, Ours,Melting Laminitis Away,Miracle Workers. Affirmed.Love, Dee Mirich — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A.


• Angel Barbaro and Dr. r loving companions. Christmas Angels. Angel Barbaro's presence: think, feel, love, see all around. Affirmed. My Sentimental Friends. My Love, Dee Mirich. — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A.

We only pray it's not too late.

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(A resolution for us in 2007: Not to spend so much time on the Barbaro Message Board. We're not sure we can keep it.)