Welcome to another glorious weekend at the Deadspin Pub. This week we're featuring huge clashes between Italian powers Inter and Juventus as well as a huge match in England pitting the Red Devils against the Villans. Aside from that the day is primarily composed of world powers like Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid taking on the relative weaklings of their respective leagues. Continue after the jump for a breakdown of the day's action, including the day's featured matches from the EPL and Serie A. Co-Matches of the Day... EPL - Aston Villa vs. Manchester United at 1:00 pm on FSC Honestly, what more needs to be said about this match between the third and fifth place squads on the EPL table? Martin O'Neill's club has been superb in recent weeks, and now even Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Villa could wind up qualifying for the Champions League by finishing in one of the coveted spots among the top four. Of course to do that the Scotsman will have to unseat one of the big four, but that hardly seems out of the question at this point in the season. Villa is coming off of a dismantling of Arsenal which has left them tied with the Gunners at 23 points, good enough for a top four spot on the table. Sir Alex's side rests just one point clear of today's challengers, and they'll need a superb effort all over the pitch to ensure a victory over an inspired Villa side. Serie A- Inter Milan vs. Juventus at 2:30 pm on FSC A win for Juve would vault them into a tie on points with Inter, however the Milanese side would likely remain atop the table based on goal differential (+3 over Juve going into the match). Of course Inter's rivals will have something to say about that on Sunday seeing as how they currently sit between the two age-old rivals. Jose Mourinho is calling it "another match" although the rest of Italy would probably beg to differ. The biggest question for the former Chelsea boss is whether he'll fit a disgruntled Adriano into the starting 11 for Internazionale. Regardless, the Special One will be looking to gain a huge leg up in the arduous Serie A season with three crucial points on the line. And yes, this is one of those Serie A matches that I'll force myself to watch, no matter how much I hate Inter. Sure college football will be on, but every good household should be equipped with a pair of televisions. Other televised matches of interest... EPL - Liverpool vs Fulham at 10:00 am on Setanta Hey Fulham, you're going to lose, so the least you could do is let Deuce Dempsey play more than 20 minutes. Don't forget, we saved your asses in WWII and we kept you out of relegation last year. And that ends this week's installment of The Entitled American. EPL - Chelsea vs. Newcastle at 10:00 am on FSC Just win, baby! Oh, and be sure to humiliate the Magpies if you get a chance. Although I do enjoy their beer. Bundesilga - Bayern Munich vs Energie Cottbus at 11:30 on GolTV Don't blink or you'll likely miss a lot of balls traveling at high rates of speed past the Energie keeper. Seriously, how has Lukas Podalski not ruptured a net? La Liga - Real Madrid vs Recreativo at 2:00 pm on GolTV Another huge mismatch that should be good for the fan of goal scoring. Real is coming off of a bad loss against Valladolid and they've allowed a combined six goals in their past two victories, so to say Bernd Schuster's could use a positive result would be a gross understatement. Regardless, I'm taking it upon myself to set the number of goals scored by Madrid's Dutch internationals at 2 even without the services of Arjen Robben (stupid doctors). Ligue 1 - PSG vs Lyon at 3:00 pm on Setanta The Parisians are on fire so they couldn't possibly ask for a better time to face the dominating league champions from Lyon. The French might not have the money and star power of their European brethren, but this match will show that they still put out an impressive product. La Liga - Sevilla vs Valencia at 4:00 pm on GolTV Good God, what an awesome match this is going to be. In all honesty it should be amongst the day's featured matches listed above, but if you miss it it's your own damn fault. Pretty much any televised match from La Liga is worth your time, but when you're talking about two top contenders for the league's top four positions you should expect an epic clash. Earlier I mentioned Inter's Adriano, but the his namesake and fellow Brazilian playing for Sevilla is much more fun to watch. EPL - Manchester City vs Arsenal at 5:00 pm (tape delay) on Setanta Tape delay? Fuck you, television! I'm sorry, I take that back. I love you television, with all my heart. If you love me back you'll show me nothing but glorious goals from Robinho and his fellow Citizens, no matter how hard Bertin and Hirshey pray for the opposite. Enjoy the games and be sure to follow along in the comments as always.