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Where's The Love For Jered Weaver?

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The headline on this morning reads, Weaver-Mania hits LA. As well it should: Jered Weaver won his seventh straight start on Sunday for the Angels ... that's seven career starts, and seven wins. Not since Fernando Valenzuela started 8-0 as a rookie for the Dodgers in 1981 has something like this happened. The problem is however, that Weaver-Mania has not hit LA as advertised. No one over there is talking about Weaver at all. We couldn't find a word about him on any Angels blog this morning, nor much about him in blog archives. Over at Angels Mania, in fact, they're discussing the Tour de France. Southern California should be going nuts over this guy; he was born in freakin' Northridge, and pitched for Long Beach State, where he simply dominated in 2004.

So, we're taking up the cause. Weaver, the No. 12 pick in the 2004 draft, went 6 2/3 innings against Kansas City on Sunday, giving up three hits and one run. His ERA is at 1.15 after 47 innings. Some more background (which you won't find even on the Angels' official site): His brother, Jeff Weaver, pitches for our Cardinals. Jered has a routine in which, before each inning, he steps behind the mound, touches his toes, stretches out his right leg, then his left, shakes out his right arm, then bends over behind the rubber and carves the initials "EHH" into the dirt, in honor of his deceased grandparents. How is this guy not a story? Johnny Drama had an easier time getting a meeting with Ari Gold. Come on, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans! Let's get Weaved!


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(UPDATE: Several Angels fans have noted several noted exceptions to this little post here.)

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