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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Let's all give it up to Texas Tech for effectively eliminating Oklahoma from National Championship contention. The Sooner's became the latest top five team to get slapped around by an unranked opponent (the 11th time it's happened this season. The Red Raiders got things going in their direction early on when they knocked Oklahoma's quarterback Sam Bradford the fuck out. Once that threat was neutralized Tech's quarterback Graham Harrell started slinging the ball all over the field. 72 pass attempts later and he'd led them to a 34-27 upset.


Movin on up. Ever since Pat White got healthy West Virginia has been moving themselves back into title contention. The quarterback ran for 155 yards and threw for 140 in crucial win over 22nd ranked Cincinnati. The Bearcats kept things close but ultimately fell by a score of 28-23DJ Hi Tek is not pleased.

Matt Ryan is good. Boston College earned a huge victory in what amounted to an elimination game for first place in the ACC Atlantic over Clemson. Matt Ryan threw for 315 yards, including a 43-yard game winning touchdown inside of two minutes. They'll play one of those Virginia schools for the ACC Championship.

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