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Which Fanbase Looks The Most Like Its Coach?

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On this week’s Deadcast, our own (now departed) Lindsey Adler noted that most Orioles fans look like manager Buck Showalter, and now I am haunted by the specter of 40,000 dour goons packing into Camden Yards, all wearing satin jackets that are definitely one size too small. But Showalter is hardly alone in being the physical manifestation of an entire, annoying fanbase. What other fanbases out there look like their own coach? Children, that is the subject of our little podcast.

But perhaps you require more topical points of discussion. We have those as well! Roth, Adler, and I also talk about Valentine’s Day, the hilariously brief saga of Quinn Norton, the Olympics, and we answer YOUR questions about golf balls, apples, snow shoveling, and more. Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me!


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