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WHIP It Good, Folks: Fantasy Baseball Continues Unabated

Good news for everyone who likes the fantasy baseball; the Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case filed by MLB (and the Players Association) that would require independent vendors to pay for the use of their statistics.

As tends to be the case, MLB — with the NFL piggybacking — wanted to own all the stats. They lost a case in St. Louis about it, and MLB appealed to the Supreme Court, which said no.

The case involved C.B.C. Distribution and Marketing Inc., a Missouri company that tried to get a license from Major League Baseball Advanced Media to use players' names in C.B.C.'s fantasy baseball games.

The case has generated intense interest, not just from Major League Baseball, but other professional sports leagues, including the National Football League. In baseball, even the players' union supported the league.


So, feel free to keep wasting time at your job. And somebody trade us Chris Perez.

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