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Illustration for article titled White Sox Bribing Fans To Vote Jake Peavy To The All-Star Team

It's time again for the stumpin' and campaignin' of the All-Star Game Final Vote, which I reluctantly capitalize since it's not a particularly creative branding (No "Plus One?" Or "Let's Get The Japanese Fans On Our Mailing Lists?"), and it's not particularly final, since most of these guys will get on as injury replacements anyway. The White Sox are first out of the gate, with their "Take Jake" promotion.


The Peavster's stats are impeccable, and it'd be a well-deserved half-victory lap for the first place Sox to get a fourth player onto the All-Star Team. But that's not why you should vote for Jake. You should vote for Jake because if you do, you'll get 44 percent off tickets to an upcoming game. Plus, chances to win valuable prizes, to an upcoming game.

A cynic sees a team ginning up some interest with a discounted ticket promotion in a year the White Sox are having attendance issues. That's cool. There's nothing wrong with getting some cheap seats, and supporting your guy. But that same cynic also says there's no way you're outvoting the entire nation of Japan.

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