White Sox Trade Jim Thome, Throw In The Towel

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The White Sox, losers of four in a row, have fallen six games behind the division-leading Tigers. And since it's now September, there's really no point in trying anymore. Time to start shedding contracts and call it a season.

Unfortunately, GM Kenny Williams can't shed the terrible contracts he took on at the last trading deadline. Earlier this season he took on Alex Rios' five-year, $61 million deal from the Blue Jays. (Rios is currently hitting .192 for the Sox.) This was shortly after trading for a pitcher who was already on the disabled list and has yet to throw a single inning in Chicago. Since Williams traded Jim Thome to the Dodgers on Monday, I guess Jake Peavy can take his time with that rehab thing.

I suppose it is still possible that Chicago could rally and win the AL Central (since no one else seems to want to win it), but the Thome trade is a clear signal to fans that they should give up that dream. The Dodgers on the other hand,also added former White Sock(?) and Diamondback pitcher Jon Garland, so they are clearly going all in on 2009.


A team doing everything possible to win. I wonder what that feels like.

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